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2010 Parent Survey Results

Summary of Grand Junction Imagination Library’s Parent Survey to

Evaluate Impact of Program on Registered Children

In November of 2010, approximately 2 years after Grand Junction Imagination Library started registering children to receive free books through the program, the organization conducted its first parent survey to collect feedback on the impact of the program.


98% of enrolled parents believe Imagination Library is helping to prepare their child for school.

62% of enrolled parents indicated that they are reading together more with their child since they enrolled in Imagination Library.

  • 22.9% are reading 25% more often.
  • 21.3% are reading 50% more often.
  • 11.4% are reading 75% more often.
  • 6.5% are reading 100% more often.

The remaining 38% of parents indicated that they are reading together with the child the same amount before and after enrolling in the program.

Reading aloud with a child is well documented to be the single most important thing families can do to prepare their children for school.   Enrollment in Imagination Library is resulting in families spending more time reading with their children, which only has a positive outcome!

87% of enrolled parents said their child finds the Imagination Library books very interesting.


Parent Comments: 

  • “We look forward to getting our book every month and love the program.  Thank you so much!”
  • “My child loves books.  I’m a single mom with very little income.  This program allows me to build his library and still afford the things he needs.  Thank you so much for all you have done to help my family and for this wonderful program.”
  • “We have really enjoyed receiving books from Imagination Library.  Both children are excited when they get a new book in the mail; they want to read it right away.  We have adopted through foster care so our children didn’t get the best start in life.  This will help further their imaginations as well as their learning experiences.”
  • “Imagination Library is a wonderful program.  You can never have too many stories to read to your child.  The books that come are so age appropriate that sometimes I laugh at the titles due to the timing of the book…for example, when the Mino-Saur book came my son was learning how to share with other kids.  Thank you to those who make this program possible.”
  • “These are great, award winning books that I may not pick out at a store so it is great that he is exposed to them.  We love our books!”
  • “We are so thankful for this program.  The books have all been awesome and the kids receiving the books through the mail has been a big treat for them.  This is such a cool program – we tell everyone we know about it.”
  • “I think this is a fabulous program!  My children look forward to receiving their book in the mail each month and once it arrives we read it several times…and that is just the first day!  I love how the books are age and gender specific and expose my children to books they might not have otherwise read.  My thanks to Grand Junction for supporting such a wonderful program that enhances our children’s lives.”
  • “I love this program!  I am very grateful that my family is able to receive such a wonderful gift!  Thank you so very much.”
  • “Thank you for your work on this program.  It is priceless to the children who participate in it.”
  • “My kids feel so special when they receive a new book in the mail from Imagination Library – they look forward to it and we always read it multiple times throughout the day!”
  • “I love the quality of the book titles!”


About the Survey: Grand Junction Imagination Library collected feedback from parents with children enrolled in the program through an online survey.  We emailed a link to the survey to 177 parents (representing 226 children); this is approximately 55% of our enrolled population.  The difference between these two numbers reflects the number of families with multiple children enrolled in the program.  Of those emailed, 61 parents responded which is nearly 20% of our enrolled parents.