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2014 Parent Survey Results

Summary of Grand Junction Imagination Library’s Parent Survey to

Evaluate Impact of Program on Registered Children


In October of 2014, approximately 6 years after Grand Junction Imagination Library started registering children to receive free books through the program, the organization conducted its fourth annual parent survey to collect feedback on the impact of the program.

The survey provided the following feedback:

  • 99% of surveyed parents believe Imagination Library is helping to prepare their child for school.
  • 68% of surveyed parents indicated that they are reading together more with their child since they enrolled in Imagination Library


Being read to as a child and having books in the home are the two most important indicators of future academic success (National Center for Family Literacy).  Enrollment in Imagination Library ensures families have books in the home AND families tell us they are spending more time reading with their children.

  • 100% of surveyed parents said their child’s literacy is being positively impacted by receiving books through Imagination Library.
  • 79% of surveyed parents said their child finds the Imagination Library books very interesting. 
  • 64% of surveyed parents said the reading tips included in the Imagination Library books are helpful.


But perhaps the most impactful responses are those additional comments that parents submitted, some of which are included below.

“For one year the Imagination Library books were the only books we had in addition to a few yard sale finds.  We read together every day.  The reading tips on the back are helpful to teach and prepare my children for listening and talking about what was read.  Before learning those tips I was simply reading, not knowing if they were following.  Now my girls are involved with the stories and love to talk about them.  Thank you.”

“As a first grade teacher, I know how important it is to get children excited about reading.  Imagination Library has certainly sparked a love of reading in my daughter.  Every time we go to the mailbox, she asks if there is a new book waiting for her.”

“My kids always look forward to their new books.  We race home from the mailbox and immediately unwrap the books.  They are some of our favorites and the kids always go back to the Imagination Library books.”

“My daughter is so excited each month to get a new book in the mail.  No matter what book it is, it instantly becomes her ‘favorite’ book.”

“We love this program!  It allows us to read new books without going over our very tight budget.  We read to our 11 month old every night before bed.”

“The books that are sent teach great values.  My 3 year old now refers to himself as a Bully Goat when he is being mean and says ‘I don’t want to be a Bully Goat.’  This started after we read the Bully Goat book five times a day for two weeks.”

“We haven’t been able to afford to buy my daughter books and she loves to read.  Imagination Library has helped me be able to give her new books to read together and learn.”

“Imagination Library helped instill the love of reading in my children.”


About the Survey

Grand Junction Imagination Library collected feedback from parents with children enrolled in the program through an online survey or phone survey.  In total, we contacted 911 enrolled families; 272 of those enrolled families participated in the survey (30% participation).  An enrolled family is a family with one or more children registered to receive books through GJIL.