Grand Junction Imagination Library

In Partnership with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Grand Junction Imagination Library


Grand Junction Imagination Library was founded in 2008 with the dream that all children could have the opportunity to form a positive relationship with books resulting in children who are excited about reading, engaged in learning and prepared for school.

This dream was discovered after we both had our first children in 2007.We saw how important books were in our homes and how quickly our girls had their favorites. With this, however, we realized not all children have the same opportunities.

This gave us the idea to launch Imagination Library in the town we grew up in.We have such a strong attachment to Grand Junction where we were born and raised (just like our father). And, although we no longer live in Grand Junction, we both consider it home and remember it fondly.

We know getting books in the homes of every child may not seem like an earth shattering idea, but it might just make a difference in a child’s life.

So, please join us. Together, we can ensure all children have the same opportunity to succeed. It really can be as simple as a book.

Tricia Widdows Schuster Kristi Widdows
Tricia Widdows Schuster Kristi Widdows Calfee

A special thanks to our parents, Jim and Debbie Widdows, for throwing their full support behind this program and always supporting our dreams.