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2016 Parent Survey Results

2016 Parent Survey

Summary of Grand Junction Imagination Library’s 2106 Parent Survey to evaluate impact of program on registered children

In November 2016, approximately 8 years after Grand Junction Imagination Library started registering children to receive free books, the organization conducted its fifth annual parent survey to collect feedback on the impact of the program.

 The survey provided the following statistical feedback and anecdotal responses from the individual parents surveyed:

  •  99% of surveyed parents believe Imagination Library is helping to prepare their child for school.

 It has helped her learn to read. She loves reading because of this program. She has a full vocabulary, speaks in full sentences and can articulate herself well.”

  •  70% of surveyed parents indicated that they are reading together more with their child since they enrolled in Imagination Library

 Its a great program! Getting these books has helped me read to him every night!”

“My favorite part of this program is that it creates bonding time between me and the kids. We are truly grateful!”

Being read to as a child and having books in the home are the two most important indicators of future academic success (National Center for Family Literacy). Enrollment in Imagination Library ensures families have books in the home AND families tell us they are spending more time reading with their children.

 Some of our other findings:

  • 100% of surveyed parents said their child’s literacy is being positively impacted by receiving books through Imagination Library.

 “My child is obsessed with his books! He will literally spend hours looking through them. It is his favorite thing to do. He’s 3, and I can definitely tell a difference between him and my older children who didn’t have monthly books.”

 “My children react as if getting a new toy when they get their new books! It makes reading them a treat rather than a chore.”

  • 82% of surveyed parents said their child finds the Imagination Library books very interesting. 

“The books that are chosen for the program are great! I love the variety & that the illustrations are representative of different cultures (and loved the Spanish book too). Thank you!”

“Every time she receives a new book we read that book over and over- it’s immediately her new favorite.”

  • 63% of surveyed parents said the reading tips included in the Imagination Library books are helpful.

 “He loves to guess what is going to happen in the story, and he even tries to find sight words and read them before I do. He loves to create books to go along with the story of the month and he draws it all out.”

For many families that are enrolled in our program, Imagination Library is one of their only source of children’s books for their home.

  • 18% of families receive most if not all of their books from Imagination Library: Program wide, this represents 435 children.

 “This program has brought a great variety to our home library (& makes-up most of it).”

 “Both of my boys are currently enrolled in this program, and they are always so thrilled to receive the books in the mail. Both my husband and I enjoy reading books to them, and were especially thankful to have this when we were financially strained.”

So much of what makes Imagination Library special and effective cannot be quantified, such as the parent-child bonding that happens when reading together, the sheer excitement of receiving a book in the mail with your very own name on it or the joy for a child that is receiving a gift.

“This is such a wonderful program. It helps me as a parent feel confident I am doing something good for my child every time we snuggle up for a bedtime story.”

 “It’s like a Christmas gift each month the book arrives in the mail. My child loves it and wants to read it immediately!”

 “It has become such a fun program for our family. On days when books arrive, I leave them in the mailbox and wait for my husband to get home. The two of them go and ‘check the mail’ together. My son gets so excited to receive a boon of his own in the mail. He spends the entire night focused on his new book, reading it to us, as well as the dogs.”

 “My daughter lights up every time we get a new book. It’s wonderful.”

 “My daughter loves to check the mail just because she is looking for her book each month. She loves reading and is excited about new books when they come.WE love the imagination library so much.”


 About the Survey______________________________________________________________

Grand Junction Imagination Library collected feedback from parents with children enrolled in the program through an online survey.  In total, we contacted 1,549 enrolled families; 343 of those enrolled families participated in the survey (22% participation).  An enrolled family is a family with one or more children registered to receive books.